Our Mission

SOUL’s Mission is to provide exceptional education that awakens individuals to know who they are, discover their passion and purpose, and thrive holistically to achieve both mental and life mastery.

Our Vision

Create and prove a new model of education

Emphasize holistic education

Connect students to their life passion and purpose

Help them develop the tools and skills that they need to create the life of their dreams.

At SOUL’s core is our belief in addressing the whole being, extending education far beyond acquisition of knowledge. Thus, all of the programs that serve to define us, stem from our Holistic Program, Integra, the true heart of SOUL.The foundation of SOUL is rooted in a Conscious and Intentional Culture. By creating a positive environment, the entire community supports students in realizing their talents, gifts and skills, helping to inform their life’s vision. Our educational program, Universal Learning, utilizes a unique combination of project based and experiential learning. By combining these methodologies, students engage in RAREE Explorations, an innovative approach to education that breaks the walls of traditional classrooms. In addition, we emphasize Developing The Entrepreneur and gaining Essential Life Skills, both of which provide opportunity for our students to apply knowledge to their lives immediately and in the future.