Director of Operations

Dr. Wendy Kaveney has been an educator in one form or another for the past 25 years. Her positions have ranged from being a Mid-level Manager for a Fortune 500 Company to presenting her holistic programs in the middle and high school arenas. Wendy has been a certified instructor for Redirecting Children’s Behavior, Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom, and a certified Facilitator for Growing the Empowered Child. Some of Dr. Wendy’s favorite teaching experiences were during the discussions in the Lunch and Learn Programs she brought into the corporate world. Wendy is the author of “Me and My Senses,” a children’s book, Columnist in Women’s Voices Magazine, with her column titled, “Women’s Wisdom” and currently completing another book entitled, “It’s My Story and It is Sticking To Me!”(TM). She is the Managing Director of Center of Love groups internationally and on the Board of Directors of Conscious Humanity Inc. She previously held the following: Director of Operations at the Lotus Law Center, Stonehaven Homeowner’s Association Treasurer, and Co-President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Throughout her professional career, Wendy has started and owned various successful business. Wendy’s passion is to eradicate fear and anger from our children and help restore them to their uniqueness.  Once accomplished, we will then experience a world of cooperation, collaboration, and peace within the next generation.