• I was born in a small city in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. I graduated from a French High School where I had teachers from France and I studied almost all subjects in French. For a while we were forbidden to speak any other language but French. You realize you know the language well when you start dreaming in French. I went to Sofia State University and got a master’s degree in Solid State Physics. At that time, during communism, we had only one type of High Education – a 5-year program with a thesis dissertation at the end that led to a master’s degree. In 1989 I left the country and I became a political refugee in Germany. In 1992 I arrived in the US, and I encountered a completely new world for me, a new culture, and a new language. I eventually got my second master’s, in Education from Alliant International University in San Diego, CA, and a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Math and Physics. I taught High school for a while, after that I switched to teaching college, and now I am back teaching High school again. I am extremely excited about this opportunity because I think we are revolutionizing education and creating a new trend, and hopefully we will be the model to follow.


  • I have 2 grown up kids, and 2 grand-daughters. My daughter has a Biology degree and she is a published author of scientific articles. My son graduated High school recently. I love to travel, I love independent movies, and I also like classical music and jazz. My hobby is knitting and writing articles in Wikipedia.


  • M.S. Solid State Physics
  • M.A. Education