Integra serves as the foundation of our school. Integra is Latin for, entire, complete, whole. In Integra we address the whole being: mentally, emotionally, socially, personally, and physically, extending learning far beyond acquisition of knowledge. These are the five building blocks for which we stand and operate:

Mental Power:

We develop students mentally by teaching them how to think, not what to think. As students begin to recognize how powerful their thoughts are, they gain freedom over their conscious mind, insight to their subconscious mind, and the ability to alter how they perceive and experience their world.

Emotional Intelligence:

We develop students emotionally by inviting them to get in touch with their emotions. We then give them the tools needed to understand and regulate their emotions, confidently express themselves, and empathize with others.

Social Skills:

We develop students socially by teaching and modeling authentic relationships and healthy communication as well as celebrating individual uniqueness. Students then understand how these skillsets enhance their lives and the lives of others.

Personal Development:

We develop students personally by creating the space for them to connect with their core being. By introducing them to personal development, students gain clarity on the questions, Who am I? What is my life’s purpose? and, How do I create it?

Physical Well-being:

We develop students physically by integrating exercise and nutrition while encouraging them to understand the holistic side of personal health. By teaching them how mental, emotional and spiritual health are linked to physical health, students have a vested interest in taking care of their bodies from the inside, out.