While completing his Masters Degree in Educational Administration, Michael endured a year of painful growth that included a fully reconstructive knee surgery, one of his best friends cheating with his girlfriend, and the suicide of his brother. These experiences solidified his place on a spiritual path that led him to finding peace with all these occurrences. Shortly after finding this peace, Michael moved to Post Katrina New Orleans where he volunteered to rebuild the community while working with Education Design Management to help create the philosophy, methodology, and petition for three New Orleans Charter Schools. These experiences combined to show him what was possible in education and inspired him to begin creating SOUL.

He has since enjoyed over a decade of teaching, in a variety of grades and subjects, at a variety of charter schools, all while working to create SOUL. Over these years, he has experienced the life changing possibilities of a holistic based program and the beauty of project based and experiential curriculum.

While education is one of Michael’s biggest passions he also loves quality conversation, nature, writing, skiing, guitar, gardening, and most importantly, being with his two daughters and wife. He now lives on the beach with his family smiling at the perfection of life.