Marissa (Ms. Riz) studied Drama and Performance Theatre at Central Connecticut State University and Expressive Arts Therapy, Coaching & Education at the European Graduate School and the Expressive Arts Institute of San Diego. She is an entrepreneur at heart and owns a private Expressive Arts Coaching practice in Solana Beach.

She has worked with children for fifteen years in child development centers, autism agencies and public school systems. As well, she has designed, implemented and facilitated creative-therapeutic programs which serve to inspire the whole-being.

Riz is beyond excited to be a part of SOUL Charter School. Embarking on this revolutionary journey in education is fulfilling, liberating, and a dream come true!

She is passionate about/hobbies: embodied learning, connecting with others, enjoying nature, building supportive relationships, learning new skills, singing, writing, theatre, dancing, outdoor activities, swimming and spending time with animals.