Gayle “Galita” Howard brings many different life experiences into her teaching practices.  Galita started her educational career down in Mexico where she completed her Bilingual teaching credential.  Upon graduation, Galita utilized her skills, both linguistically and culturally in her six years in Watsonville, Ca where she taught 6th-8th Math and Science to both the newcomer population and mainstreamed students.  Feeling the urge to improve her Spanish skills as well as the desire to find passion in her profession again, Galita decided to move down to Colombia, SA where she spent the 7 years teaching math and creating the school’s community service program.  It was from that program where Galita’s passion for service and leadership grew.  Students were experiencing feelings they had never felt before while volunteering at the local (and only) nursing home as well as participating in Capoeira classes led by Galita, in the local barrio serving at risk youth. Galita has been able to bring these feelings and practices to her daily routine within the classroom as well by creating a safe and comfortable community.  After having seen her students and her school community grow holistically, feeling empathy and much more within their service, she felt empowered to make the move again to California and find a school which would embrace this type of service within the school and community.  That’s when Galita found SOUL. Galita now resides in Cardiff with her husband Fernando and two dogs, Mamita and Frida.