Welcome to our fold Beth Easton. Some of you might be familiar with Beth already, she taught yoga at Soul last year. She is thrilled to be on our team and back in the classroom.  Here’s a little background on Beth. She split her childhood between the interior of Alaska and a small town in Nevada. Her parents instilled in her a curiosity of the unknown and a desire to challenge herself physically, emotionally and mentally. After college in Utah, Beth moved to downtown Chicago for a few years and then landed here in San Diego.

Teaching has always been a part of Beth’s life. From a young age, she spent summers guiding kids through summer camp, then received a degree in social studies science, taught high school World History and US Government and most recently spent the last 5 years teaching yoga in North County. She has a passion for understanding the individual stories of people that when woven together make up our shared history.

When she’s not teaching yoga or history you might find Beth coaching her kids little league team, daydreaming about becoming an archaeologist, driving a motor home cross country,  knitting a hat or folding laundry and wishing she were running instead.