Audrey was the first in her family to get a Bachelor’s Degree and earned a BA in Liberal Studies with a minor in Asian Studies. When she first transferred to the university, she started out as a Biology major but quickly discovered that conducting research in the Plant Physiology Lab was not her passion. She spent time working with at-risk youth as a Camp Counselor at Circle V Ranch Camp and later¬† as a Recreational Specialist at Inland Empire Job Corps. Inspired by the youth’s desire to pursue an education despite their obstacles, she then enrolled at Claremont Graduate University where she earned a Master’s in Education and a Single Subject Credential in Biological Sciences.


Audrey first worked as a intern teach in Los Angeles and then returned to her home district in Adelanto as a Middle School Science Teacher. She has a passion for science and enjoys creating lessons that challenge students to critically analyze data before choosing which side of an argument they are on. She brings in her experience from the Research Lab and a position with the Alliance to Save Energy to ensure that the skills practiced in class are relevant to today’s workforce needs. She has also been involved with extracurricular activities such as: Academic Pentathlon, Japanese Language and Culture Club, Strategic Gaming Club, Cooking Club, Anime Club, and the Asian Pacific Islander Culture Club.


1.  She can speak Japanese.

2. She lives with 4 Geckos (1 Gargoyle, and 3 Crested), a Black Cat named Dorian, and a Ball Python named Inara.

3. She taught English in China over the summer.

4. She attended Comic-Con the year the ENTIRE Avengers cast gave a panel.