What is a Charter School?

A charter school is a publicly funded, public school option.

Does it cost to attend SOUL?

No, it does not cost to attend SOUL. SOUL is funded through average daily attendance like all other public schools.

Is my child still eligible for college if they attend SOUL?

Yes, SOUL offers every A-G requirement and will work to ensure that SOUL graduates will be extremely competitive for college.

What is the attendance boundary? Does it matter where I live?

As schools of choice, all charter schools are open to any student who wants to apply, regardless of where he or she lives, space permitting. This said, students within the San Dieguito District boundaries receive priority while enrolling.

How does the lottery system work?

Charter schools are open to all students who want to attend, regardless of where they live. If the school receives more students than for which it has spots available, it is required by law to hold a blind lottery to determine which students will have the opportunity to attend. Many charter schools have wait lists and may admit more students as spots become available.