Bruce Matthes

Bruce Matthes is the Director of Integrative Studies at NewSchool of Architecture & Design where he teaches a variety of courses in the humanities. He also designs interdisciplinary studios that teach design thinking by linking the sciences with the arts. Prior to joining NewSchool, Matthes gained an extensive amount of teaching experience from several higher education institutions, including his alma mater, California State University, Chico.  He remains active professionally as the co-author of two books, including a recent text, Evidence Based Design: A Process for Research and Writing. He has presented at national conferences on general education (AGLS) and served as a member of The High Tech High Graduate School Task Force. He enjoys collaborating with nonprofits in order to provide students with real-world experience that focuses on human welfare. He received his Master of Arts in English with an emphasis in Comparative Literature and his Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from California State University, Chico.

Jayne Chelberg-Sams

Jayne Chelberg-Sams, Ed.D, is a retired educator, site and district administrator with thirty-four years of experience. Twenty of those years were as a teacher in both private and public education in grades One through High School. Each year she produced a musical with her classes and sometimes all-school productions. Student created sets and costumes and everyone had a part.  This creative activity created a spirit of teamwork. Utilizing that ability, students learned the advantage of working together and mutual support.  Using similar team building skills, Dr. Chelberg-Sams was able to build that same mutual support attitude in her next twelve years as a site principal. Here she served at both Elementary and Middle Schools as the instructional leader responsible for oversight of all budgets and facilities, including full modernization at two of the schools and leading her staff successfully through the Distinguished Schools process.  Her earthquake preparedness program was so refined the city of Belmont California asked her to team with their first responders to develop a city-wide plan. Dr. Chelberg-Sams was open to innovation. Teachers felt supported studying their craft and were often found working together or observing each other to improve their own skills. Whenever teachers were detained getting to class or observing each other they knew Dr. Chelberg-Sams would be in their classroom covering instruction. As the Director of Curriculum at the district level, she was responsible for over site of millions of dollars in Federal Grants and the district Title I budget, curriculum development, district-wide teacher-created grade level grading rubrics and selection of texts with staff.  Her department facilitated the district out of Program Improvement within two years. Currently, she is a Board of Director Member for the newly minted Soul Charter School.

Darity Wesley

Darity Wesley, is the founder of both Privacy Solutions, Inc., a privacy and information security consulting firm and the Lotus Law Center, a law firm focused on all aspects of business law and business processes, where she now serves Of Counsel after a 35 year legal career. An attorney and nationally sought after speaker on a wide variety of subjects from personal development mindfulness practices to intellectual property and privacy protections, she has a broad and interesting perspective on life. As a national expert on data and technology licensing, privacy and data integration, she’s the Data Diva and has served on numerous local, state and national Boards of Directors and is currently on the Board of the School of Universal Learning (SOUL). Darity did her undergraduate work at San Diego State University and earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego School of Law.

Dr. Hector Garza

Dr. Hector Garza Cantú is an international education expert with over forty years of experience in helping schools and communities to develop public-private education partnerships and alliances. He is currently focused on helping  schools and communities to implement an internationally acclaimed Human Values Initiative. Dr. Garza has served as one of the principal players involved in developing Presidential Education  Initiatives in the United States and Mexico. In the U S, he and his team were responsible for the successful implementation of the long-standing and very successful GEAR UP Initiative. In Mexico, he served to implement a Presidential Education Technology Initiative and led a U S based international organization from 2005-2014. Currently, he volunteers and serves to develop executive leadership for schools, communities and the nonprofit sectors.

David Steel

David Steel brings over 30 years of business and technology experience to the team. His major focus is implementing successful technology, marketing, advocacy, and brand management strategies for business. He has published a comprehensive book dissecting LinkedIn as a tool for personal and professional marketing, lead generation, and sales. David launched an eCommerce platform that became one of the first eBay and Amazon Preferred service providers and provides integrated eCommerce websites solutions to thousands of businesses today.He was a Co-Founder and CEO of the US Green Chamber of Commerce. The U.S. Green Chamber is committed to making sustainable business practices practical, beneficial, and easily accessible. In addition, David has consulted with many organizations on the best use of Social Media for business. This includes the extensive development of LinkedIn training and best practices for companies of all sizes. David is a founding board member and CFO of Conscious Humanity, a 501c3 committed to spreading peace and personal empowerment. Previously he served on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Entrepreneurs Organization and the Board of Directors for Seaside Center for Spiritual Living.

Sean Loomer

As a teenager, he started an import/export business selling thousands of dollars of products at local swap meets. After earning his business degree Sean took a position at MCI becoming the top ranked regional manager in the country. He then decided to start the first prepaid phone card company in Arizona in 1993, which did a half million in sales in its first 8 weeks, he also co-founded and was the entrepreneurial driving force behind another communications company that did $38 million in 2 years. Turning the tables, as a master at inspiring, Sean decided to use the power of network marketing to create an income stream that would create the time and freedom he needed for his family. This path led him to become the number one ranked team leader in the world for a major company. With successes on multiple fronts, Sean, who had always been health conscious, joined forces with his now wife Tylene Loomer, to co-found OneBode a multi-million dollar, holistic nutrition company and went on to partner with two-time MVP of the NBA Steve Nash. During that time, Sean also hosted his own weekly motivational and financial radio show” Escalate your life”. Sean has raised millions of dollars for various businesses and has also helped raise over $1 million for private high schools. Today Sean works as an accomplished professional speaker and business consultant. Sean served as a head high school football & basketball coach as well as many types of youth sports for 25 years.

Deborah Robin Mech

Deborah R. Mech, CEO, and Founder of URU-Universal Resources Unlimited has been providing a variety of Human Development and Professional Growth Seminars since URU was first established in 1998.  Deborah has also been a professional educator and educational consultant for over 33 years. In addition to her service at the San Diego County Office of Education, Student Well-Being/SAFE Schools divisions, Deborah served as the Woman’s Issues contact for the CTA, California Teacher’s Association.  Deborah has presented her pilot program and Special Education Master’s Dissertation, “Spiritual Diversity in Education: A Fully Inclusive Whole-Child / Holistic Approach”, at the CTA-California Teacher’s Association, Human Rights and Equity Conference (Irvine, California), for the CES-Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum (Seattle), and for local schools and school districts.  Deborah performed teaching and administrative duties for 12 years in the San Diego Juvenile Court and Community Schools, working with incarcerated youth and developing special programs for students in conjunction with the San Diego County Juvenile Probation Department and local Community-Based Organizations.   Currently, Deborah works as an Education Specialist in the San Diego public school system for the past 16 years, providing direct support and consult/collaboration to students, teachers, and parents at all levels of education. She also provides her services through her private practice, URU Alternative Educational Systems, and her specialties include development and implementation of Inclusion Programs for students with different abilities and Special Needs, (grade levels K-12); supporting educators and parents with Alternative Strategies for teaching students with Multiple Learning Styles and who require Differentiated Instruction; and helping students understand and appreciate who they are as unique individuals in relation to their academic success, their special gifts and talents, and their spiritual natures.   Deborah is a CSLA (California School Leadership Academy) graduate and holds a B.A. in English (University of Massachusetts-Amherst), the M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and the California Preliminary Administrative Credential, (San Diego State University). She also has an M.S. in Special Education (National University, San Diego) with multiple teaching credentials in English and Special Education, serving all student populations including Mild/Moderate, Moderate/Severe, students with Autism, and GATE (Gifted and Talented) students. Deborah has been an avid student of alternative healing practices and non-traditional methodologies for many years, and she has devoted her life to education and to her own personal and professional growth so as to be of maximum service to others.